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our  committee Focus

As a committee we are always looking for volunteers to fill any open positions that may be available.  As a committee of more than just one voice we can make sure that we are addressing the needs of everyone.
  • Assist trans* community members who need assistance with.

    • trans* gender education

    • discrimination

  • Educate the general public and members of LGBTQ resource center on broad trans* community issues education and sensitivity training.

    • workshops

    • panels

    • pamphlet development

  • Organize social events that are open and welcoming to members of the community and friendly to gender non conforming identity and expression.

    • Trans* Day of Remembrance

    • Trans* Day of Visibility

    • Intersex Awareness Event

    • As well as many other smaller social events

  • Outreach to local business owners to develop safe environments for people who are gender non conforming in their gender expression.

  • Maintain legal resource guides for community members relating to name and gender change.

  • Assist in advocacy prior to legal action on behalf of community members.

  • Refer to local trans* friendly lawyers if needed.

  • Assist with communication to the Transgender Law Center should local resource be unavailable.

  • Recruit and train Legal Advocates to accompany clients to court appointments.

  • Outreach to local employers to develop policies which are trans* inclusive.

  • Help community members with employment resources and develop a guide of local trans* friendly employers.

  • Assist community members with job-seeking skills.

    • resume development

    • talking with former employers of transitioned job seekers

    • organize job fairs or job skills training workshops

  • Outreach to local medical and mental health practitioners to educate about gender issues and advocate for WPATH.

  • Develop a comprehensive list of practitioners in all specialties and medical groups in the North County area.

  • Communicate with local health groups to survey and increase the number of educated physicians and therapists in North San Diego County.

  • Recruit and train Patient Advocates to accompany clients to doctor visits, and advocate as needed.

  • Develop and maintain online resources to enhance education and visibility for NC-GAP.

  • Obtain resources from and share resources with other trans* websites.

  • Observe other area media and advocate in the case of misinformation or misrepresentation of trans* issues in local media.

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