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isn't just about accomplishments. 

It's also about how the things you do in your life motivate and inspire others to do

something motivating and inspiring in theirs.

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Since our inception in September 2014, we have been busy working to support our local community! In addition to providing the various social and support groups, and maintaining the resource lists, here's a smattering of other activities that we've been involved in:

  • Putting on Trans* Day of Remembrance (November)

  • Putting on Trans* Day of Empowerment (April)

  • Putting on Intersex Awareness (October)

  • Tabling

    • SD Trans* Pride

    • SD Pride

    • Pride by the Beach

    • GSA Leadership Award Ceremony

  • Participating in educational panels and seminars, e.g. at Pacific Ridge High School's Trans Education Night

  • Collaborating with Vista Community Clinic to launch their Gender Care Services

  • Meeting with doctors and therapists to advocate for patients’ needs

  • Supporting other San Diego trans* resource organizations

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