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Become A Volunteer

There are many ways for you to help out and get involved!
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Group facilitators

  • Hold weekly social support groups

  • e.g.: support/social group specific for transgender / non-binary gender individuals, or spanish-speaking individuals

Anyone can help with any of the tasks below, which are currently categorized under specific committees:

Education committee members

  • If you have experience as a speaker, educator and/or influencing school policies.

  • Put together information for educational seminars/presentations at the Center, or GSA events

  • Help to keep the trans* resource binder up to date.

Legal committee members

  • If you have a legal background, we need someone as an advisor.

  • Helping to assist community members with their legal name and gender change; filling out forms and accompanying them to court dates, if requested.

  • Helping to find local attorneys who can help the trans* community.

Event committee members

  • If you have experience as an event planner


  • Help to plan Trans Day of Visibility and Remembrance and other events  - specific tasks can include contacting performers, looking into venues, buying supplies for the event, etc.


  • Helping to organize social events for trans* community members - e.g. movie nights, community dinners, etc.


Economic committee members

  • If you have experience as a hiring manager or in HR, we need your advice/input to help job-seekers

  • Helping to compile a list of trans* friendly local employers

  • Helping people with their resumes/cover letters, as well as to give job-seeking tips


Health committee members

  • If you have experience as a medical provider or have a background in medical sciences

  • Helping to collect information about local trans* friendly healthcare providers

  • Stay informed on current medical practices that benefit the trans* community, and help to disseminate the information


Media committee members

  • If you have experience as a webmaster, web designer, and/or social media marketer

  • Run the GAP Instagram and Facebook pages

  • Update GAP website

  • Keep a lookout for trans*-relevant news and notify other members of the group

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