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Helpful Resources

We continually look to add new referrals or suggested links to this page.  If you know of a provider that is not on this list but should be please let us know:

Local trans* health providers - a list maintained by GAP members showing doctors,

therapists, and other health providers who assist trans*

individuals in North County San Diego

Mental Health Resources

Laser and Electrolysis Services





Looking for a job? Here's a list of local employers that our community

members have found to be trans* friendly








There are many other resources out there! Check out the NC Resource Center's page, and here's a few others:

GenderQueerID -  awareness and resources for genderqueer or gender-non-binary individuals, their families, and allies

TS Road Map - tips for transwomen (male-to-female, MTF) to navigate transition

Hudson's Guide - tips for transmen (female-to-male, FTM) to navigate transition

Intersex Society of North America - information and resources for intersex individuals, their families, and allies

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